A boilerplate project for NodeJS + ExpressJS on ECMAScript 6 with MongoDB

JavaScript evolves like crazy!

With the advent of JavaScript ECMAScript 6/ECMAScript 2016/ES6, a whole bunch of new features were introduced, most of them being game-changers for anyone who wanted to switch over. My colleague Ragavan and I took it on ourselves to convert one of our existing ES5 NodeJS projects to ES6, and I thought it would be good to put together a base project that anyone could use to bootstrap a typical NodeJS + ExpressJS + MongoDB + REST project using the tools that we used.

We have used the following tools to make this work:

The full code can be found on Github. A huge shout out to Ashantha Lahiru who worked really hard to make the code presentable and more generic, as well as the MongoDB integration.

Originally published at rdeshapriya.com on December 20, 2017.

FOSS Mercenary. Guitarist. Eternal optimist.

FOSS Mercenary. Guitarist. Eternal optimist.